The Sore Thumb is a small woodworking shop in Raleigh, North Carolina. We accept work from businesses and individuals looking for craftspeople to produce unique items from fine woods.

Beautiful creations require time and patience. We employ both in abundance. Some finishes must cure for days, not hours. Most cuts require much more thought and planning than execution.

All items from this shop begin with careful hand selection of materials from North America and beyond. We have developed a keen eye for natural grain figures. We strive to match the flow of these features in our work.

We listen to our patrons' wishes and strive to fulfill each of them. Our mission is to match the craftsmanship of the ancients to the latest methods and tools available.

We offer personalized instruction to others. We can help plan and execute projects.  Our craft is full of opportunities for mistakes. We are happy to help others avoid those that we have made!

Finally, we seek out new thought and learning constantly. Our staff members are trained by master craftspeople on a continuous basis .

About The Sore Thumb...